Welborn, Sarah

Married Name Welborn, Sarah
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1770 North Carolina, United States of America    
Census 1 Jun 1850 St. Francois, Missouri, United States of America Wilson Barry Household, 1850 Census 1a

Page No.: 338

Sheet No.: 170

Minor Civil Division: District 80

County of: St. Francois

State of: Missouri

Enumeration Date: 17 August 1850

Line No.: 31-38

Family No.: 245

Name: Welborn, Sarah

Age: 80

Sex: F

Place of birth: North Carolina


Family of Welborn, Sarah

Name Birth Date Death Date
Welborn, Anna21 Sep 17984 Nov 1853

Family Map

Family Map


    1. Welborn, Sarah
        1. Welborn, Anna

Source References

  1. U.S. 1850 Federal Census
      • Date: 1 Jun 1850
      • Page: Missouri, District 80, St. Francois county, Page 338/170, Lines 31-38
      • 1850 Census, St. Francois county, Missouri

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