Byington, Mabel 1a

Birth Name Byington, Mabel
Gender female
Age at Death 0 days


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Byington, Hugh Joseph16 Jan 188024 Apr 1964
Mother Forshee, Rosa Mahala12 Jun 188311 Oct 1957
    Brother     Byington, Orville Samuel 6 Mar 1903 8 Aug 1986
    Sister     Byington, Myrtle Mae
    Sister     Byington, Frieda Beulah
    Brother     Byington, Otto Hugh
    Brother     Byington, Everett Oscar
    Sister     Byington, Rosella Arta 28 Feb 1913 about 4 Oct 1960
    Sister     Byington, Helen Pearl
         Byington, Mabel 17 Aug 1916 17 Aug 1916
    Brother     Byington, Shelton Joseph
    Brother     Byington, Eugene Vernon
    Sister     Byington, Geraldine Rose

Family Map

Family Map

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