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Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Elizabeth about 1802 Crump, George Washington Armon, Thomas Dowlin, Charity
Ethel M. about Oct 1893   Stockett, Norman A. Armon, Thomas Theodore Byington, Artie May
Fannie Jane 17 Feb 1882 5 Dec 1977 Haile, Marvin Dubart Armon, James Henry Forshee, Mary Ann
Henry about 1795     Armon, Thomas Dowlin, Charity
James Henry 7 Jan 1852 15 Jun 1924 Forshee, Mary Ann Armon, Thomas House, Eliza
Lewis     Dalton, Carrie Viola, Deatherage, Tennessee  
Louisa Elizabeth     Jones, Henry M.  
Mary 13 Sep 1793   Ashley, Charles A. Armon, Thomas Dowlin, Charity
Mary Elizabeth 10 Jun 1859 23 Oct 1949 Elwood, Charles Elmer Armon, Tom House, Elizabeth
Nancy about 1794 about 1865   Armon, Thomas Dowlin, Charity
Nathan about 1831 about 1894 Ringer, Margaret Emily  
Nelma F.     Buscher, Ellis F. Armon, Lewis Deatherage, Tennessee
Ressie     Lewis, Crawford Armon, Lewis Deatherage, Tennessee
Thomas     House, Eliza  
Thomas about 1758 12 Aug 1831 Dowlin, Charity  
Thomas about 1797     Armon, Thomas Dowlin, Charity
Thomas Theodore 1 May 1869 7 Apr 1926 Byington, Artie May Armon, Nathan Ringer, Margaret Emily
Tom     House, Elizabeth  

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