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Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
?     Weible, Patti  
Albert     Link, Bertha  
Angeline     Farrar, William  
Charles Gilbert 21 Jan 1860 12 Jan 1936 Silsby, Cora Mae  
Debra Lynn 9 Mar 1955 3 Oct 2004 Landolt, Charles Ritchie Carr, Sanford Cartee, Virginia
Diana     Nash, Peter Carr, James Burton Shannon, Betty June
Elizabeth     Day, Carl Carr, Lindell Brakefield, Katheran
Estella A.     McFarland, Frank L.  
Estelle about 1890   Calvird, Harry Lee  
Gloria     Freeman, Dennis Carr, Sanford Cartee, Virginia
James Burton 2 Aug 1931 1 Jul 2003 Shannon, Betty June Carr, Raymond Percy Ross, Allean Josephine
James Raymond     Carr, Nina Carr, James Burton Shannon, Betty June
Johnny     Carr, Karen Carr, Sanford Cartee, Virginia
Karen     Carr, Johnny  
Leila 5 Nov 1915 28 Oct 2002 Yamnitz, Troy Carr, Albert Link, Bertha
Lindell     Brakefield, Katheran  
Lucille     Cotton, Warren Carr, Charles Gilbert Silsby, Cora Mae
Margaret between 1760 and 1770 between 1840 and 1850 Patterson, James  
Minnie     Evans, Joseph  
Nancy Kerr about 1805 about 1834 Whitledge, William Fountain  
Nina     Carr, James Raymond  
Orville     Patrick, Earleen Luella  
Raymond Percy 21 Nov 1903 1 Apr 1950 Ross, Allean Josephine Carr, Albert Link, Bertha
Rebecca       Carr, Lindell Brakefield, Katheran
Rebecca     Van Valkenburg, Dale Carr, James Burton Shannon, Betty June
Ronnie     Carr, Sharon Carr, Sanford Cartee, Virginia
Sanford     Cartee, Virginia  
Sharon     Carr, Ronnie  
Shirley     McNabb, Glenwood Carr, Virgil Lee Lewis, Eva Marie
Sophia A.     Sharp, Frank M.  
Stella May about 1889   Cleek, Alexander Cole, Overall, Austin B.  
Susan     Pritchett, Donald Carr, Virgil Lee Lewis, Eva Marie
Thomas     Readnour, Emma  
Tillie Pearl 2 Nov 1890 1 Jul 1965 Pike, Elonzo Walker Carr, Thomas Readnour, Emma
Velda     Price, Mark Carr, Sanford Cartee, Virginia
Virgil     Henderson, Mary Ellen  
Virgil Lee, Jr.       Carr, Virgil Lee Lewis, Eva Marie
Virgil Lee 13 Oct 1905 22 Jun 1974 Lewis, Eva Marie Carr, Albert Link, Bertha

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