This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Cooper. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
?     Beeves, Maude  
?     Richardson, Wanda  
?     Spradling, Sarah  
?     Williams, Catherine  
?     Helm, Jane  
Amanda Ruth     Turner, Peter E.  
Clyde A.     Garoutte, Ella Mae  
Clyde Lorang       Cooper, Clyde A. Garoutte, Ella Mae
Daisy W. about 1884 about 1962 Oak, Charles F.  
Dianne       Cooper, Douglas Williams, Carolyn
Douglas     Williams, Carolyn  
Doyle Eugene 15 Mar 1932 13 Aug 1947   Cooper, Virgil D. Wisdom, Medie Mae
Eli Thomas Jefferson 15 Nov 1861 2 Nov 1924 Allen, Adeline  
Elizabeth     Miller, Henry  
Flora Annetie 17 Oct 1881 21 Nov 1900 Pike, Louis W.  
Frank       Cooper, Virgil D. Wisdom, Medie Mae
George     Hofreihter, Minnie  
George     Cooper, Isabella  
Georgia     Hager, Robert  
Glenda     Brand, John B. Sr.  
Harry, Sr.     Mills, Carrie M. Mills McCleary  
Harry       Cooper, Harry Sr. Mills, Carrie M. Mills McCleary
Harry     McDowell, Lena  
Homer Orville 13 Sep 1900 28 May 1962 Umfleet, Roxie Margarett  
Ida Mae 1 Oct 1884 10 Dec 1973 Walton, Samuel Quiller  
Isabella     Cooper, George  
Jerry     Hodge, Ruth  
John     Clouse, Olive  
John D.     Maxton, Lou  
John William Thomas 17 Nov 1886 21 Mar 1962 Halter, Lulu Cooper, Eli Thomas Jefferson Allen, Adeline
Lou about 1860   Patterson, Pleasant Keith  
Lucille       Cooper, Virgil D. Wisdom, Medie Mae
Lucille     Wampler, Marba Lyle  
Martha   Osgood, Charles  
Mary A. about Sep 1882 22 Sep 1965 Walton, Francis Edward  
Maude     Mason, Lee  
Mona       Cooper, Virgil D. Wisdom, Medie Mae
Nina Gertrude 13 Oct 1898 about Apr 1999 Pipes, Loren Berle, Shaw, Herbert Manary Cooper, George Hofreihter, Minnie
Rebecca       Cooper, Douglas Williams, Carolyn
Robert E. 18 Feb 1927 18 Nov 2013 Shearin, Jacqueline Joy  
Ruthie May     Kinnaman, David Raydean  
Sarah Ann 6 May 1867     Cooper, William Strong, Sarah Ann
Sarah E.     Pike, John W., Rogers, George W.  
Virgil D. 15 Nov 1896 18 Jun 1960 Wisdom, Medie Mae Cooper, John D. Maxton, Lou
Virginia F.       Cooper, Virgil D. Wisdom, Medie Mae
Wendell 6 Mar 1892 2 Sep 1992 Reeder, Ada Irene  
William 24 Mar 1845   Strong, Sarah Ann Cooper, George Cooper, Isabella

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