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Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Aaron 7 Jun 1777     Booth, Gideon McKay, Sarah
Alma about 1834     Booth, Lorenzo Dow Works, Parthenia
Angeline 26 Mar 1831 9 Oct 1915 Dennis, Adam Booth, Lorenzo Dow Works, Parthenia
Ann about 1760     Booth, Gideon Hawley, Ann
Elisha about 1755 about 1830   Booth, Gideon Hawley, Ann
Flora Belle 25 Jan 1894 8 Jul 1976 Whitledge, Lloyd Leslie Boothe, Burrell Shrum, Marguerite Ann
Gideon 9 Apr 1721   Hawley, Ann, McKay, Sarah Booth, John Mallory, Elizabeth
Gideon about 1753     Booth, Gideon Hawley, Ann
Isaac about 1755   Booth, Gideon Hawley, Ann
John about 1687 8 Feb 1755 Mallory, Elizabeth  
John Calvin 6 Jun 1773   Hawlet, Jane Booth, Gideon McKay, Sarah
Lorana about 1775     Booth, Gideon McKay, Sarah
Lorenzo Dow 13 Oct 1807 2 Jan 1847 Works, Parthenia, Hawley, Jane Booth, John Calvin Hawlet, Jane
Martin Luther 8 Oct 1765     Booth, Gideon McKay, Sarah
Mary Lear 14 Aug 1877 22 Jan 1915 Probst, John Jefferson Boothe, Burrell Shrum, Marguerite Ann
Moses 30 Aug 1767 22 Feb 1856 Hubbel, Myra Booth, Gideon McKay, Sarah
Mosiah Works 15 Jun 1838 17 Nov 1903 Allred, Mary Adaline, Hibbert, Ambrosine Booth, Lorenzo Dow Works, Parthenia
Rachel   Booth, Gideon Hawley, Ann
Sarah 9 Jul 1769 6 Feb 1806   Booth, Gideon McKay, Sarah

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