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Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
?     Hawkins, Goldia  
?     McDowell, ?  
?     Laird, Wilma  
A. J.       Alexander, Andrew J. Madison, Mira
Abigail Sage 16 Jun 1647 about Aug 1688 Webster, Thomas  
Alice     Byington, Joseph Heaord  
Alice     Smith, Bush Alexander, Frank Woods, Belle
Andrew J.     Madison, Mira  
Anna Mae 7 Nov 1887 16 Jul 1936 Kennon, Homer Wilson Alexander, William Myers, Jane
Anne about 1751 about 1815 Johnson, Abel  
Annie     Daniels, Christopher  
Apolline Agatha 1825     Alexander, Andrew J. Madison, Mira
Beryl Inez     Kelley, Earl  
Clara     Hunt, Carb Alexander, Frank Woods, Belle
Dennis       Alexander, Frank Woods, Belle
Edward     Wilty, Joy Lafern  
Elda about 1885 about 1964 Robbins, Charles Alexander, Frank Simpkins, Elizabeth
Emily     Cotner, Joseph  
Frances       Alexander, Martin L. Cunningham, Gertrude
Frank     Woods, Belle  
Frank about 1853   Simpkins, Elizabeth  
George Madison       Alexander, Andrew J. Madison, Mira
Gertrude 5 Sep 1875 6 Feb 1914 Douglas, Andrew Jackson  
Hiram     Manary, Margaret  
Jennie     Stapps, Henry Alexander, Frank Woods, Belle
Jennie 12 Jun 1867 7 Jul 1953 Hackley, Benjamin Alexander, Hiram Manary, Margaret
John C.       Alexander, Martin L. Cunningham, Gertrude
John D. 16 Mar 1894 24 Aug 1956 Ashbaugh, Bessie Alexander, Frank Woods, Belle
Lorene Leora 26 Mar 1922 23 Nov 2004 Robbins, James Gordon  
Lucy about Nov 1832   Charlton, Francis Claborn  
Margaret 13 May 1866 18 Nov 1911 Danieley, John T. Alexander, ? McDowell, ?
Margaret Elizabeth 15 Dec 1858 27 Nov 1926 Morton, James Emory  
Martha 30 Mar 1820 3 Jun 1894 McNeely, George Gracey  
Martin L. about Nov 1878   Cunningham, Gertrude  
Mary 5 Feb 1855 7 Mar 1931 Hays, John Perry  
Mira       Alexander, Andrew J. Madison, Mira
Narcissa about 1807 12 Sep 1874 Caldwell, Robert E.  
Nora Belle 23 Jun 1888 about Aug 1975 Warrick, Charles L.  
Ordelle     Whitledge, George D.  
Patricia     Barnard, Randy LeRoy  
Ruby Belle 19 Feb 1920 3 Feb 2004 Inman, Jerome Sr. Alexander, John D. Ashbaugh, Bessie
Thomas about 1883 about 1966 Woods, Lyda Louise  
Virginia 18 Dec 1900 10 May 1958 Barnes, Robert Elliotte Alexander, George
Virginia Adelaide 2 Aug 1850 20 Jun 1933 Caldwell, Charles Samuel  
William       Alexander, Andrew J. Madison, Mira
William     Myers, Jane  

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