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Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
?     Hawkins, Viola  
Ahab 16 Oct 1807 11 Feb 1900 Easley, Mary Lyon Bowen, John Bean, Sarah
David     Cooksey, Irene  
Duane H. 17 Feb 1943 6 Nov 2008 Smith, Theresia Bowen, Everett E. McCrorey, Alice Marie
Edna     LaChance, Hubert Harrison  
Elizabeth about 1810 about 1881 Jarnigan, William Caswell Bowen, John Bean, Sarah
Etta Marie 17 Feb 1916 1 Jun 1979 Nickles, William C. Bowen, John Strickland, Minnie
Everett E. 18 Jan 1914 25 Feb 1994 McCrorey, Alice Marie Bowen, John Strickland, Minnie
Henry about 1738 about 1808 Cunningham, Ann  
Henry about 1800   Mayes, Rachel Bowen, John Bean, Sarah
Ida Ann 27 Nov 1868 15 Dec 1947 Cash, John Bowen, James Cartee, Elizabeth
James     Cartee, Elizabeth  
James 13 May 1910 18 Dec 1979 Mathis, Ella V.  
Jane Ella     Weible, James Paul Bowen, Everett E. McCrorey, Alice Marie
Jemima Bean about 1792 about 1821 Boatwright, William Benjamin Bowen, John Bean, Sarah
Jill     Yarbrough, Mark Bowen, Duane H. Smith, Theresia
John about 1764 about 1823 Bean, Sarah Bowen, Henry Cunningham, Ann
John about 1799 about 1844   Bowen, John Bean, Sarah
John 27 Nov 1887 18 May 1921 Strickland, Minnie  
John Henry 9 Sep 1918 24 Apr 1995   Bowen, John Strickland, Minnie
John William 19 Apr 1911 19 Apr 1911   Bowen, John Strickland, Minnie
Judy     Pettus, Danny Bowen, Everett E. McCrorey, Alice Marie
Leanna     Bowen, Michael  
Lisa     Hulsey, Craig Bowen, Duane H. Smith, Theresia
Louisa Smith about 1800   Johnston, John Warfield Johnston, John Warfield
Lynne     Ellis, ? Bowen, Duane H. Smith, Theresia
Mary about 1794   Robinson, William Bowen, John Bean, Sarah
Michael     Bowen, Leanna Bowen, Duane H. Smith, Theresia
Nedra     Francis, Henry Bowen, Everett E. McCrorey, Alice Marie
Rebecca 25 Dec 1798 10 Aug 1876 Kennon, James Bowen, John Bean, Sarah
Reece 15 Oct 1801 18 Dec 1881 Moody, Mary Bowen, John Bean, Sarah
Rees T.        
Ruby     Anderson, Henry  
Sophia Lydia 17 Mar 1855 8 Sep 1933 Reynolds, William F. Bowen, David Cooksey, Irene
Susan     Long, Jake Bowen, Duane H. Smith, Theresia
Susan     Barton, Taylor  
William about 1796     Bowen, John Bean, Sarah

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