This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Armstrong. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
?     Henderson, Lula  
Abrielle Danae       Armstrong, Joseph Patrick Seylar, Tiffany Anne
Agnes A. 29 Jul 1899 23 Apr 1981 Trickey, Clyde A.  
Alexander Joseph       Armstrong, Joseph Patrick Seylar, Tiffany Anne
Alice Maurine 1 May 1915 22 Jul 2013 Davis, Guy Clifton Armstrong, Ottie E. Warrick, Ada Faye
Amos     House, Catharine Armstrong, Sylvester Munger, Chloe
Anna Arlene     Bridges, Edward Gene  
Azariah     Waterman, Martha  
Charles     Snyder, Ethel  
Eliza M.     Ellmaker, Horace  
F. W.     Legg, Elizabeth Leona  
Gertrude Pauline 25 Sep 1887 17 Jun 1981 Taylor, Clair Wesley  
Hannah 2 Mar 1744 2 Dec 1814 Moore, John  
James     McDaniel, Anna  
Jewel     Walk, Raymond  
John     Zimmerman, Jeanette Mamie  
Joseph Patrick     Seylar, Tiffany Anne  
Lois Beatrice 18 Jul 1917 31 Jul 2007 MacDonald, Howard Isaac  
Mary Lou 3 Sep 1874 5 May 1916 Ragsdale, Francis M. Armstrong, William Osborn, Claudie E.
Mary Waterman 27 Sep 1799   Woodworth, John Manchester Armstrong, Azariah Waterman, Martha
Matilda Bright about 1862   Oakes, William Albert  
Ottie E. 29 Oct 1894 25 Jun 1926 Warrick, Ada Faye  
Sylvester     Munger, Chloe  
William     Osborn, Claudie E.  
William J. 14 May 1860 21 Dec 1938 Hughes, Hettie O. Armstrong, William M. Brooks, Eliza J.
William M.     Brooks, Eliza J.  

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