This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Fisher. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
?     Chapman, Edith A.  
?     Waller, Patricia  
Andrew Jackson     Laremon, Margaret  
Annie about 1854 about 1937 Chapman, Henry Young Fisher, George Snyder, Susan
Betsy about 1795 2 Jan 1847 Forshee, Richard  
Calvin Luther about 1843     Fisher, George Gemberling, Rebecca
Cara 24 Apr 1861 about 1941 Gulick, Sidney Lewis  
Caroline about 1845     Fisher, George Gemberling, Rebecca
Catherine about 1770 about 1830 Rickard, Adam M. Sr.  
Charles       Fisher, George Snyder, Susan
Charles H. 20 Aug 1914 7 Oct 1995 Marshall, Blanche Marie  
Clara E. about 1862     Fisher, George Snyder, Susan
Edward L. about 1879   Cox, Mary Etta Fisher, Joseph Walker, Jane
Eleaora R. about 1840     Fisher, George Gemberling, Rebecca
Elizabeth about 1834   Strong, Jasper Walter Fisher, Abraham
Ellen Rebecca       Fisher, George Gemberling, Rebecca
Eva Ann       Fisher, George Gemberling, Rebecca
George     Fink, Melissa Catherine  
George 11 Mar 1802 6 Feb 1881 Gemberling, Rebecca, Snyder, Susan  
George P. about 1860     Fisher, George Snyder, Susan
George W. about 1872     Fisher, Joseph Walker, Jane
Hannah E. about 1832     Fisher, George Gemberling, Rebecca
Harriet Cecelia about 1827 15 Aug 1871 Van Allen, Garrett  
Hester Catherine 4 Jan 1877 15 Mar 1936 Pace, Henry Theodore  
Ida Belle 10 Mar 1870 26 Jan 1946 Boyd, Thomas Grant Fisher, Andrew Jackson Laremon, Margaret
Jane about 1867     Fisher, Joseph Walker, Jane
Joseph about Sep 1838   Walker, Jane  
Lydia about 1857     Fisher, George Snyder, Susan
Mamie A. about Dec 1869     Fisher, Joseph Walker, Jane
Margaret E.       Fisher, George Gemberling, Rebecca
Mary     Huck, Florian  
Mary Alice about 1866     Fisher, George Snyder, Susan
Maudie     Doan, Horace Roland Jr.  
Naomi     Rion, James Glenwood  
Neta L. 13 May 1904 24 Mar 1979 McCleary, Basil Royal  
Newton S. about 1851     Fisher, George Snyder, Susan
Nora Estelle 25 Mar 1888 31 Mar 1972 Russell, Hines Elliott  
Osman H. about Apr 1840 about 1919 Strong, Clarissa Sarah  
Theodore E. 6 Apr 1903     Fisher, Edward L. Cox, Mary Etta
Victor L., Sr. 10 Mar 1902 1 Mar 1986 Weintraut, Estelle Fisher, Willaby Greenup Gough, Lillie Mae
Willaby Greenup 17 Feb 1873 22 Oct 1959 Gough, Lillie Mae  
William A. about 1853     Fisher, George Snyder, Susan
infant       Fisher, George Gemberling, Rebecca

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