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Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
?     McClard, Elizabeth  
?     Kennon, Hilda  
?     Levall, Anna  
?     Selzer, Tracy  
?     Cummings, Edith  
Amy Cecilia about 1880 about 1969 Foster, Augustus Morgan  
Barnabus 1792 before 1864   Burns, Michael Spicer, Mary
Benjamin Francis 23 May 1876 9 Apr 1953 Coggeshall, Alberta, Gordon, Minnola O., Jamison, Audrey C. Burns, Charles E. Brown, Caroline
Charles E.     Brown, Caroline  
Charles Harry     Clingingsmith, Edna  
Della     Barron, Walter  
Donald     Turner, JoAnn  
Edwynne Francis 6 Jan 1928 31 Aug 2010 Burns, Lugene C. Burns, Lloyd Raymond Daugherty, Margaret Jane
Elizabeth     Cain, William John  
Elizabeth 1790     Burns, Michael Spicer, Mary
Ellen     Knott, George  
Ernest     Baer, Fern  
Ernest Holderness 25 Jun 1921 31 Aug 1985 Hutchings, Stella Faye Burns, Holderness Cramer, Wilma
Hilda     McCarty, Wyman Wayne  
Holderness     Cramer, Wilma  
Jack     Kennon, Edna  
James     Green, Sarah H.  
James 1796 about 1823 Tucker, Nancy Burns, Michael Spicer, Mary
James Hill 10 Jul 1916 16 Feb 2005 Kinder, Jean Elizabeth  
James T.   King, Martha J.  
James T. about 1871   Bandy, Josephine  
Jane     Carlton, John  
Leigh Robert 4 Aug 1925 27 Oct 2011 Alameda, Rose Burns, Lloyd Raymond Daugherty, Margaret Jane
Leona Mae 3 May 1912 1 Jul 2007 Pratte, Alva Emmett  
Leroy     Young, Marilyn B.  
Lester     Weiss, Beulah May  
Lloyd Raymond 6 Nov 1900 17 Sep 1981 Daugherty, Margaret Jane Burns, Benjamin Francis Coggeshall, Alberta
Lucy Leona 25 Sep 1894 4 Jun 1977 Larkin, Roland Lee  
Lugene C.     Burns, Edwynne Francis  
Lula Mae 8 May 1885 8 Jun 1970 Barton, Lytle Leeman Burns, Peter Lafayette Jones, Ella Cora
Lydia about 1774 1 May 1860 McClanahan, John Burns Sr. Burns, Michael Spicer, Mary
Margaret 1798 about 1824 Flynn, William Burns, Michael Spicer, Mary
Margene       Burns, ? Cummings, Edith
Mary about Oct 1773 4 Oct 1825 Curry, Benjamin  
Mary 1788 about 1 May 1859 Cochran, Thomas, Preston, George Burns, Michael Spicer, Mary
Mattie     Burgess, William  
Michael about 1747 8 Aug 1808 Spicer, Mary  
Michael 1802   Long, Rebecca Burns, Michael Spicer, Mary
N. E.     Green, Julia Drew  
Nancy Anne about 1800   Allen, Thomas Burns, Michael Spicer, Mary
Peter Lafayette 23 Nov 1850 8 Jan 1901 Jones, Ella Cora  
Robert 3 May 1833 13 Nov 1878 Schultz, Catherine  
Robert W.       Burns, Benjamin Francis Coggeshall, Alberta
Susie Emaline 5 Jun 1888 9 Mar 1966 Center, Herman L. Burns, Peter Lafayette Jones, Ella Cora
Victoria C. 20 Jun 1864 10 Jul 1925 Clingingsmith, James P. Burns, Robert Schultz, Catherine
William 1794 before 1838 Kennison, Anne, Dickson, Zilla Burns, Michael Spicer, Mary
William about 1903   Thurman, Pearl Lorene  

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