This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Floyd. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Abadiah       Floyd, William Davis, Abadiah
Albert Edwin 29 Sep 1904 7 Aug 1988 Hengst, Justine  
Anita     Wissman, Delbert Leon  
Charles about 1782 20 Aug 1804   Floyd, Robert Clark Floyd, Lillian
Davis about 1776 13 Dec 1834   Floyd, Robert Clark Floyd, Lillian
Eliza Lavalette     Holmes, George Frederick Floyd, John Preston, Letitia
George Rogers Clark about 1781 about 1821   Floyd, James John Buchanan, Jane
George Rogers Clark 13 Sep 1810 7 May 1895 Mead, Ellen Floyd, John Preston, Letitia
Helen A. 4 Nov 1906 27 Jan 1999 Humes, Guy Franklin Floyd, Theodore Schrader, Martha
Isham       Floyd, William Davis, Abadiah
James     Wisdom, Lela Vianna  
James John about 1750 10 Apr 1783 Burford, Matilda, Buchanan, Jane Floyd, William Davis, Abadiah
Jemima       Floyd, William Davis, Abadiah
John 24 Apr 1783 17 Aug 1837 Preston, Letitia Floyd, James John Buchanan, Jane
John B. 13 Nov 1854 15 Apr 1935   Floyd, George Rogers Clark Mead, Ellen
John Buchanan 1 Jun 1806 26 Aug 1863 Preston, Sarah Buchanan Floyd, John Preston, Letitia
Letitia       Floyd, John Preston, Letitia
Lillian     Floyd, Robert Clark  
Luther Roy 6 Aug 1911 24 May 1997 Lunsford, Ruth Ellon  
Mourning Burford about 1769 about 1848 Stewart, John Floyd, James John Burford, Matilda
Nicketti Buchanan 6 Jun 1819 9 Jun 1908 Johnston, John Warfield Floyd, John Preston, Letitia
Robert Clark     Floyd, Lillian Floyd, William Davis, Abadiah
Theodore     Schrader, Martha  
William     Davis, Abadiah  
William Henry 24 Sep 1902 20 Feb 1985 Huey, Mildred Lee  
William Preston about 1779     Floyd, James John Buchanan, Jane

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